🤦‍♂️ 9to5mac.com

Samsung blatantly copied Apple’s Face ID icon for Samsung Pass presentation

There is few things more wholesome than my girlfriend falling asleep to Sims play through videos. ❤️

First snow and snow-mo of 2019!

Wow. This was my first mobile carrier. Circa 2006. www.theverge.com

Sprint is killing off Virgin Mobile USA

Went to get my car inspected and this good girl was running the shop.

It’s snowed for the second time this winter, and I’m actually really glad this time.

Trying out HelloFresh this week. I kind of dig the presentation of what’s in the box, but I worry there is a lot of packaging waste…

First computer I ever built! 2006 I believe. I think it was an Athlon XP and some sort of Radeon. The blue lights amazed me as a kid, of course… 🖥

I miss Aperture, but the iOS/MacOS Photos app definitely gets the job done.

This is actually a pretty good list… https://apple.news/AtOuPtvkYTIq9vSr_-Xliaw

Messing around with some graphic design stuff. Guess I need to finally learn the Adobe Suite.

Found some notes my girlfriend wrote down while playing the new, long delayed Nancy Drew game…

17th birthday. 2005. Still so many photos to dig through…

Hugo.io is still my favorite static website generator, years later.

My sisters adorable cat Ross sitting on the couch like a person would. 🐱

2004 me feeding a babbycat. And sitting at a computer…oops.

Completely overhauled my resume today. Time for some changes.

Happy 19th birthday to the original Xbox announcement! 🎮

Good read! 9to5mac.com

Former Microsoft manager details backstory of Internet Explorer 5 for Mac on its 20th anniversary


Twenty Years Ago, Steve Jobs Showed Off the Aqua Interface for the First Time

Still sorting through old photos. I was obsessed with the band Mushroomhead when I was a teen and carved this pumpkin for Halloween 2004.