iOS Gaming: The ARM Powered Dream

I really love ARM devices.

I really love Apple’s ARM AX series chip devices, like the iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV, which all run iOS.

I really wish more game developers saw the potential of porting high end console games to these amazingly power ARM devices, which pack more of a punch than the Nintendo Switch (an ARM device), and could fulfill the same usage scenarios. (I’m not hating on the Switch, by the way. I love Nintendo. Mmmmm…Metroid…)

I think Apple, and it’s customers are sitting on a very capable gaming platform, but they don’t know it. There’s more on the App Store than freemium trashware, and the A series cheap are absolute beasts.

In order to raise awareness, I’m going to do some short reviews and videos on my personal favorite originals and ports.

I love playing games on my iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, by touchscreen, gamepad, even AirPlay.

Hopefully, my next dream will be revealed soon…an Apple A series ARM powered Mac. 🤩